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26 Nov 2015
Belushi's CamdenLondon
27 Nov 2015
The Cavendish ArmsLondon
03 Dec 2015
The VillageLondon
04 Dec 2015
18 Dec 2015
The Spice of LifeLondon
15 Jan 2016
The Amersham ArmsLondres
27 Feb 2016
Fact 1
We believe in extraterrestrial life

We believe in extraterrestrial life

Fact 2
Everyone masturbates, don't you? ಠ_ಠ

Everyone masturbates, don't you? ಠ_ಠ

Fact 3
You should really get our album

You should really get our album

The unexpected call. First contact.

It happened on a cloudy evening. The four of us were on our way to the rehearsal room discussing if Pitbull (the “artist”) really had a pit-bull (the dog). Suddenly we were interrupted by an invisible force, our legs were paralyzed and something extremely powerful and fucking scary caught us in a breathtaking circle of energy.

It didn't last too long (no longer than the time that it took for an old man to cross the road), though it felt like a million years to us.

Everybody seemed to be OK afterwards, except for one thing: a message, regarding a place and date, had been inserted in all of our heads. No need for words, we all knew where we had to be that midnight.

The message was real. The arrival.

After that, we were stunned. The only thing we could do was to play music at our local rehearsal room and wait for the moment to arrive. And then the magic happened… as soon as we started to play our instruments, the most amazing tunes and sounds arose spontaneously from somewhere far and mysterious.

That day we lost sense of space and time, travelling through our music... you have to excuse us for not seeing it coming. Was it a wormhole in our rehearsal room? Well... there it was, we couldn’t deny its existence neither all the unpredictable wonders that such a “thing” could bring... which included a UFO landing on our rehearsal room. See what we didn’t know yet was that...

Galaxy-Head had just arrived.

Well, this is awkward. Buying milk.

This bizarre Galaxy-Head came down from his ship, sat in the middle of the room and stood there silently, simply staring at us as we played. With a single hand move he guided us as a great conductor would with his orchestra, he gave us dynamics, rhythm and directed us through the highs and the lows. And as the simple earthlings we are, we followed him.

Then, all of a sudden as we were playing, his head started to spin faster and faster until it finally exploded and lots of colorful beams struck our amps and music just stopped. Before any of us could react he stood up and said:

“Let's get some milk boys” - And so Strange Fiction was born.

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